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eTC - Epic Turbine Controller


The eTC, Epic Turbine Controller, is a flexible controller for industrial turbines. It features high-speed, networked I/O for simplex, dual and triple redundant systems. Industry standard Ethernet communications are used for controllers and supervisory interface to operators and maintenance stations, and to third party systems like historians. GE Proficy Machine Edition Professional Development Suite is used with the eTC as a platform for programming, configuring I/O, trending, and analyzing diagnostics data.  It provides a single source of quality, time-coherent data at the controller and plant level for effectively managing equipment assets.

System Architecture

Redundancy CPU controllers are continuously online and read input data directly from Redundant Protection & I/O Units. Redundant Protection & I/O Units transmit input data on dual high-speed (2.1Gbps) fiber optic I/O networks to dual Redundancy CPU controllers. Outputs are transmitted from dual Redundancy CPU controllers on dual high-speed (2.1Gbps) fiber optic I/O networks to Redundant Protection & I/O Units that select the signal from the Active controller.

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The eTC can be configured for single, dual and triple redundant sensors. Their dual high-speed (2.1Gbps) fiber optic I/O network and dual Redundancy CPU controllers keep the process online if a controller, network or power supply fails. Triple redundant systems are available to protect against soft and/or partial failures of devices that continue to run with incorrect signal data.

Triple redundant systems out vote a failed component with a two out of three selection of signal data. Application software in Redundancy CPU controllers runs on the voted value of the signal and diagnostics identify the failed device. These sophisticated diagnostics minimize the mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) while the on-line repair capability maximizes the mean-time-between-forced-outages (MTBFO). Field sensors for eTC systems can be single, dual or triple redundant.

Additional controllers can be added to separate application software of different pieces of equipment. For example, core engine control can run in one controller while a second controller can be dedicated to auxiliary control.

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