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The GCIV is an operator interface retrofit for all GE MkIV Speedtronic™ turbine control panels. While most all retrofits for the MkIV are comprised of a total replacement of the control system, Global Controls views the MkIV hardware as very dependable with easily repairable hardware by top notch repair centers in today’s market place. A few items still exist and are becoming obsolete or extremely hard to maintain. This is one reason why the GCIV has been developed.

With the ability to provide this retrofit comes the new ability to offer capabilities never before available with the MkIV systems.

Value added features include:

Remote operation and monitoring


Alarm logging

QWERTY keyboard

Network printing

The GCIV replaces not only the CRT of the MKIV panel but also the membrane switches, adds data logging, and allows for a remote station with full authority as if standing at the panel. It consists of an industrial touch-screen PC, Auxiliary Display keypad, and interface to the MkIV.

This advancement in technology gives the MKIV control system a new life in today’s technologically and ever changing Controls retrofit market.

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