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  <GCH> Global Controls Historian    

The <GCH> interface provides all the Historian functions any plant operator, engineer or manager could want by utilizing GE’s Proficy Historian.

This product offering is utilized when a client needs a Historian interface connection to the MkIV* or MkV GE Speedtronic™ turbine control panel system. The Historian is normally connected over Ethernet TCP/IP protocol to a <GCS> or <GCL>, however, it can also reside directly on the <GCS> or <GCL> computers.

The <GCH> can be used to consolidate multiple on-site OEM devices (Allen-Bradley, Fanuc, Siemens, etc.) into one historian system application if used in conjunction with the <GCS> product. 

Historian is normally setup with either the Standard or Enterprise server point options as shown below.

Historian v3.5 Standard or
Enterprise Server 300 Points (M4 Key)

Historian v3.5 Standard or
Enterprise Server 500 Points (M4 Key)

Historian v3.5 Standard or
Enterprise Server 1000 Points (M4 Key)

Historian v3.5 Standard or
Enterprise Server 2500 Points (M4 Key)

Historian v3.5 Standard or
Enterprise Server 5000 Points (M4 Key)

Historian v3.5 Standard or
Enterprise Server 10000 Points (M4 Key)

Historian v3.5 Standard or
Enterprise Server 15000 Points (M4 Key)

Proficy Historian® Platform

Proficy Historian delivers data collection and time-series data optimization to enable true process visibility. Proficy Historian’s critical capabilities manufacturers need to consider that position as a better option for leveraging raw data from sensors and other real-time systems to improve production for operational excellence.

Improving Processes Across the Business

Proficy Historian ties together islands of automation information without compromising data resolution and provides a window into your manufacturing operations. They serve as the vital link between plant operations and business systems, providing an integrated view of your operations with accurate, real-time information. You can easily integrate with OLE DB-aware applications and query the data, alarms and events, and system and administrative information using standard SQL commands.

Faster Speeds

Higher Data Compression

Robust Redundancy for High Availability

Enhanced Data Security

Quicker Time to Value

Data Governance

OPC Historical Data Access

* Based on an existing MAUI CSF interface

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