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GCI Product Line


The <GCI> Global Controls Interface product line was developed as an OEM alternative replacement to the current GE <I>, <G> & <HMI>™ operator interfaces for MkIV* & MkV GE Speedtronic™ turbine control panel systems. As a complete solution, the <GCI> software uses Cimplicity 8.0 as the <HMI> operator graphical interface, providing Proficy Historian as an option. 

GCIWith the ability to perform all the normal functions of the currently installed GE interface, this product goes a step further by allowing for flexible and detailed preventive maintenance analysis & troubleshooting not currently available until upgrading to GE’s MkVIe™. Based on these advantages and features, the <GCI> product line is the premier solution for turbine control management, performing far beyond the capabilities of the OEM equipment.

The <GCI> product line is an effective way to modernize your current turbine control systems, increasing the operational lifetime of your capital investment by integrating a variety of solutions, including:

<GCS> Engineering workstation with operator graphics and options (GE <I> upgrade/Full <GCI> software)

<GCL> Engineering workstation with operator graphics (GE NT4.0 <HMI> upgrade/Limited <GCI> software)

<GCE>  Portable engineering work station, no operator graphics

<GCV> Operator graphical interface (Not an engineering workstation)

<GCH> Stand-alone Historian

GCI Product Line The <GCI> Product Line offers many benefits, including:

Troubleshooting unit trips or events made easier while running the <GCI> software utilizing SwiftChart

Sequence-Of-Events continuously running at 8 scans per second (predefined High Speed (HS) points)

Sequence-Of-Events continuously running at 1 scan per second (All points other than HS)

All TRIP logicals monitored at 8 scans per second (predefined HS points)

Capability of switching from alarms directly into software logic

Export data directly to MS-Excel, MS-Access and MS-SQL

Industry standard software:

Windows 7 or optional XP


Proficy Historian®

Can be serviced by anyone who knows standard industry or OEM hardware and software

Flexibility of an open system that is up-to-date utilizing current technology

The <GCI> system can also be used to consolidate multiple on-site OEM devices (Allen-Bradley, Fanuc, Siemens, etc.) into a single system application with a common look and feel, successfully modernizing and upgrading your turbine control systems. 

Global Controls has developed special drivers for the product to facilitate a connection with the DCS control system, allowing for it to communicate via Modbus or GSM. Such an enhancement would allow <G> gateway type communication used for DCS communications, as well as with other software packages. 

GCI Product Line Minimizing the Impact of Upgrading

The integration of Global Controls’ <GCI> Product Line allows you to easily interface to your existing Arcnet network by directly accessing the control system using off-the-shelf components. To minimize training of operators while maintaining their confidence level to operate the unit, Global Controls can also reproduce the original operator screens, while providing added value with: 

No unit down-time during installation

The unit does not need to be shut down

No PROM changes are made (required?)

Installation is less than an hour on-site, after delivery.

Easy to upgrade through future software releases

Utilizes off-the-shelf ARCNET cards

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You can see all the <GCI> functions by product in the the <GCI> Product Comparison Chart’

Global Controls are leaders in turbine control system hardware and software, with an expert team of engineering professionals who are ready to provide a solution to meet your needs.



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