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  <GCL> Global Controls Lite    

The <GCL> interface provides all of the normal functions of the currently installed GE interface while going a step further by allowing for flexible and detailed preventive maintenance analysis & troubleshooting not currently available until upgrading to GE’s MkVIe ™.

This product is the main upgrade offering when converting from an NT4.0 <HMI> interface and is setup to more closely have the same functionality.

The <GCL> allows the customer to have a full engineering workstation that is capable of normal GE <HMI> server functions.  It also provides an operator interface utilizing the latest Cimplicity version which is upgradeable at the customer’s discretion based on new revision releases.  Proficy Historian capabilities are available as an option if so desired.

Troubleshooting unit trips or events is made easier while running the <GCL> software utilizing SwiftChart:

Sequence-Of-Events continuously running up to 29 points & 32 scans per second (High Speed (HS) points)

Alarms time stamped with the SOE data

Capability of jumping from alarms directly into software logic

The <GCL> cannot be used to consolidate multiple on-site OEM devices (Allen-Bradley, Fanuc, Siemens, etc.) into one system application with a common look and feel.  This would require upgrading to the <GCS> product. 

Special drivers have been developed for our product to make connection with the DCS control system allowing for communicate via Modbus or GSM.  This allows <G> gateway type communication used for DCS communications. 

* Based on an existing MAUI CSF interface

Product Comparison Chart Product Comparison Chart

Please contact us for a detailed <GCL> product functions comparison chart.

Global Controls are leaders in turbine control system hardware and software, with an expert team of engineering professionals who are ready to provide a solution to meet your needs.

Global Control- Measurement- Optimization - Results Please contact us at:

(407) 812-1313 or to request more information about Global Controls products and services.

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